About K8Afrika

What is the K8Afrika brand all about?


I have been in Beira, Mozambique, for almost a year and K8Afrika has become my passion project. I have fallen in love with the colours of the local fabrics and I know I have a project to run with. Originally I found a few seamstresses but their set up wasn’t quite what I was looking for. K8Afrika was missing something … Then I was introduced to Equip Mozambique and their sewing school. This school empowers widowed woman. This was the beginning of a successful collaboration with K8Afrika.

Mission Statement

K8Afrika is about selling unique quality goods to customers around the globe. Everything is 100% cotton and made in the colourful fabrics of Mozambique. By selling these products we are giving back to the ladies at Equip Mozambique sewing school.


K8Afrika’s vision is to grow the brand so that we have a small sustainable business that provides work for the sewing ladies at Equip Mozambique.  At K8Afrika we believe by selling these products we can make a difference to families in Beira.


K8Afrika is broadening it’s horizons everyday and we are always looking for new adventures.  Please do contact us. We currently sell in South Africa, Mozambique and are looking to sell in Europe.

If you are interested in any of the K8Afrika products or would like to commission us to make something special for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us on hello@k8Afrika.com or we are available on Facebook – K8Afrika or number +82 467 2338 or my Moz no is +84 734 4368. K8Afrika and Equip Moz sewing school look forward to hearing from you.

~ Kate Halliford-Watson