About K8Afrika

by Kate Halliford - Watson

Moving to Beira, Mozambique in 2017 from Cape Town, with my very ‘new’ husband, has had its challenges.  Not least, the humidity and the lack of air conditioning, but more distressing for me, the lack of good coffee!

I have always loved fashion and I soon noticed the colourful fabrics, wrapped around many of the women here.  Very few had made the fabric into garments. They had just bought a length of cloth and wrapped or draped it over themselves. I thought I could do something more with it, so the idea of K8Afrika came into being!

Once I found the suppliers, I was overwhelmed by the colours, the choice of fabric designs and, the potential! Annah Chinengo my Zimbabwean assistant has made most of the introductions. She has taken me to shops and markets, and without her, I would have battled with the language barrier.   (Portuguese is spoken everywhere.)

The collection is all about beautiful bright colours.  The local fabrics are called Kapalanas and they are 100 percent cotton. I will only produce small quantities of each style in each fabric.  If you buy from me, you’ll have made a pretty exclusive purchase.

I hope to create much needed work here in Beira, and to bring some Afrikan sunshine into the live’s of my customers.

I would be delighted if you would follow my K8Afrika journey.